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im kind of hesitant to say anything here because i almost never do this kind of thing and i really really dont want to be rude and please feel free to call me out on it if what im saying is completely wrong and fucked up and ill absolutely understand, and i apologize sincerely if this isnt an okay thing to say but…

every place i’ve ever worked actually requires you to check anything higher than a twenty dollar bill? it didn’t come up too often at the places i worked at because i didnt encounter that many people who paid in cash, but it was still a rule that we all knew. like i dont doubt some people’s bosses let them get away with not checking, but as someone who has worked in a place that is SUPER INTENSE about loss prevention (and who has therefore been told they will be fired for not following similarly ridiculous-looking corporate procedures), i can promise you that there are managers out there who will probably fire you for not doing this

like i totally get how checking if money is real can seem super shitty and i would not be even a little surprised if some people have less-than-admirable motives for checking (racism/classism, etc)

but for the most part i would be inclined to say that this is something to take up with people who make corporate policies for retail and not with an easily replaceable minimum wage worker

like i said, i’m sorry if i got something wrong and if i fucked up i totally deserve to be shouted at, i just think this might be a possibility too

You have zero reason to apologize here. I work as a casher and I will be in serious trouble and/or fired in a second if I don’t check every single $20 bill and up (even from people who come straight from the bank) And there are cameras watching me the whole time so, no, I can’t just not check. 

If people wanna blame someone for these practices they should blame the people who make fake money and circulate it. NOT minimum wage employees just doing their job.

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harryhenry1 asked:

Wow, you've shown me so many examples of people of color in medieval art, that i'm suprised that even professers of history seem to deny the there were POC in medieval europe! My question though, is this: has there been any research done as to when this white-washing of medieval europe began?


Actually, my next queued post addresses that in detail, particularly in regards to Art Education.

Quick-n-Dirty Version: it began during “The Enlightenment”, during colonization and the beginnings of chattel slavery. The idea of “White People” had just been invented, along with the idea of White supremacy. Basically, all the leading “scientific minds” directly benefited from genocide, kidnapping people an enslaving them, and stealing their land, resources, and skills.

And in order to justify this, it was very important to create this idea not just that “these people are in a subordinate position now”, it had to be retroactive. As in, “these people have never had any accomplishments, their culture is primitive, worthless, ugly, uninteresting, therefore whatever we do to them is okay/for their own good/helping them/better than leaving them to their own depravity” et cetera.

The amount of “science” devoted to proving that people of color were inherently inferior to white people was like…pretty much the ENTIRETY of “science” from the late 1700s to….well. 

For example:

This asshat got his degree from Harvard on the premise that “Hispanics have lower IQs than American Whites” IN 2009.

And coincidentally, Arizona banned “Ethnic Studies”, specifically a Mexican-American Studies Curriculum, upheld by a judge as “constitutional” in March. 2013.

And the consistent disenfranchisement of specifically Mestiz@  and other “not white” Mexican Americans has been documented by sociologist Richard Shingles, who says:

Shingles concludes it is an American problem brought on by the history of the nation’s oldest and largest Mexican American communities, a history that started with conquest and has excluded generations from the benefits of development. “Our past cannot be separated from our future.”

See how that works?

No past, no history, no context, just a huge group of people that are somehow “inherently inferior”, and coincidentally not historically f*cked over for hundreds of years. It’s about blaming the victims of racism for suffering from the results of racism.

That’s why they teach whitewashed history.

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